Tag: Enforcement

Who You Gonna Call?

Your company may be able to gain a legitimate competitive advantage by reporting a competitor’s export control violations. But which agency should you call to turn in the competition? Suspected export control violations are most commonly investigated by special agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Security […]

Prosecution of Individuals for Violations

The Department of Justice has always pursued individuals for export control violations.  However, the administering agencies have historically been less aggressive in referring cases that involve violations by employees making exports on behalf of their employers.  In these cases, agencies typically sanctioned the employer for the employee actions […]

Eight Steps for Export Compliance

There are many criminal prosecutions against exporters for violations of export controls.  In a recent case, the defendant argued that he was not responsible for failing to comply with export controls because these laws are too complex to understand.  The court disagreed and affirmed the conviction.  But it […]