State Department Holds Out on Doomed Cybersecurity Controls

Last month’s House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform’s hearing on Wassenaar Cybersecurity and Export Controls was highly critical of the Administration’s agreement to adopt broad export controls on cybersecurity software and technology under the Wassenaar Arrangement, a multilateral export control regime, without appropriate consideration of the cybersecurity […]

Administration Slaps Bacardi for Castro

Many Americans support an end to the United States embargo against Cuba. But the embargo exists for many reasons. Chief among them is Cuba’s confiscation of assets from large companies and family-owned businesses like Bacardi in 1960. [F/N 1]  In fact, following initial imposition of the United States […]

Ghosts of ECR Past, Present, and Future

As we turn to the final year of the President’s Export Control Reform (ECR) Initiative, government officials continue to tout success of the reform. But, as shown from the past, present, and expectations for the future, ECR is a tale of unfulfilled goals and inadvertent consequences of complex […]

DOE Rules Address Fundamental Research

Issued by President Reagan on September 21, 1985, National Security Decision Directive (“NSDD”) 189 establishes the U.S. Government’s policy that, to the maximum extent possible, the products of fundamental research shall remain unrestricted. The U.S. Department of Energy (“DOE”) issues awards for basic and applied research, educational activities, […]

State Department Still Deciding Which Comments to Release

Over a month has passed since the closing date for public comments to the State Department’s Proposed “Harmonization Rule,” which seeks to explicitly require U.S. Government approval of public speech concerning technical data controlled by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (“ITAR”). [F/N 1]  As noted in previous DTL Blog posts, the proposed […]