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Export Controls by the Numbers: CSL Data Analytics

The agencies that administer U.S. export control and sanctions laws maintain various prohibited party lists. These lists contain names and other information on drug traffickers, weapons proliferators, terrorists, members of oppressive regimes, and other parties with whom exports and other transactions are restricted and, in many cases, altogether […]

Is There Such a Thing as “Attempted” Arms Brokering?

Is there such a thing as “attempted” arms brokering under the Arms Export Control Act or do the mere acts of soliciting, negotiating, and other discussions regarding the export of defense articles on behalf of a third party constitute a completed offense of arms brokering? Does the Arms […]

Recommendations for the Next Reform

The complexity of U.S. export control regulations is at an all-time high. If you had the ability to decide the next administration’s export control reform agenda, what would it be? PAST REFORMS U.S. export controls are principally administered by the State Department under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations […]

Court of Appeals Judges Question Justice Department on ITAR Prior Restraint Against Speech at Libraries, the Internet, and other Public Forums

Originally filed in the U.S. Federal District Court for the Western District of Texas in Austin under Case No. 1:15-cv-00372, the case of Defense Distributed and the Second Amendment Foundation against the U.S. Department of State and other government defendants seeks to prevent application of the International Traffic […]

Impact of Export Control Reform on Small Businesses

The International Trade Administration reports that small and medium-sized companies account for ninety-eight percent (98%) of U.S. exporters. [FN 1].  According to a National Small Business Association and Small Business Exporters Association Exporting Survey performed in 2013, three-fourths of U.S. small business exporting items controlled under either the State Department’s International […]

Ghosts of ECR Past, Present, and Future

As we turn to the final year of the President’s Export Control Reform (ECR) Initiative, government officials continue to tout success of the reform. But, as shown from the past, present, and expectations for the future, ECR is a tale of unfulfilled goals and inadvertent consequences of complex […]