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Administration Slaps Bacardi for Castro

Many Americans support an end to the United States embargo against Cuba. But the embargo exists for many reasons. Chief among them is Cuba’s confiscation of assets from large companies and family-owned businesses like Bacardi in 1960. [F/N 1]  In fact, following initial imposition of the United States […]

A Christmas Miracle: “The Interview”

In a Christmas Miracle for free speech, artistic expression, export control nerds, and other members of the free world, Sony just released “The Interview” on several online streaming sites.  I just watched it on YouTube for a mere $5.99. The movie is an extremely well done comedy, destined […]

Deal Allows Iran to Continue Enrichment

The goal of U.S. trade embargo and economic sanctions programs is to change behavior and topple regimes.  They are designed to toggle on and off as circumstances warrant, allowing them to serve as flexible tools of a foreign policy coined by Reagan’s Secretary of State George P. Schultz […]