A Christmas Miracle: “The Interview”

DS_KJUChristmasIn a Christmas Miracle for free speech, artistic expression, export control nerds, and other members of the free world, Sony just released “The Interview” on several online streaming sites.  I just watched it on YouTube for a mere $5.99.

The movie is an extremely well done comedy, destined to be a cult classic, with really great gore.

Dave Skylark, James Franco’s character, is hilarious, and Seth Rogen’s character is a great Samwise Gamgee to Franco’s Frodo. Not to be spoiler, but you will also see several real pains in the butt and the illegal import of the cutest puppy of North Korean origin.

Of course, what would a movie about North Korea be without reference to the OFAC North Korea Sanctions Regulations, which are specifically mentioned during a major turning point in the plot.

“The Interview” is a must see for export control nerds, especially those working with the North Korea sanctions, as well as anyone entertained by North Korea’s Cult of Personality. It’s also a great watch for anyone who enjoys other comedies from Directors Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen.


*The above is not intended as an exhaustive list of restrictions that may apply to a particular transaction nor advice for a specific transaction because the specifics of an individual case may implicate application of other U.S. laws as well as foreign laws that carry added or different requirements.  In addition, U.S. export control and sanctions laws are frequently subject to change.  Such changes can affect the continued validity of the information above, which is based on U.S. law existing as of December 24, 2014. For these reasons, assistance from a qualified attorney competent to advise on such matters is highly recommended.

Matthew A. Goldstein is an International Trade Attorney in Washington D.C. licensed to practice in the District of Columbia.  He can be reached at (202) 550-0040 and Matthew@GoldsteinPLLC.com.

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