Compliance Programs

Support Your Export Compliance Officer

DS_ExportComplianceExport control compliance personnel are often the targets unwarranted criticism.  This is inconsistent with a company culture of compliance and is a red flag.

Export controls compliance is everyone’s responsibility.  Anyone can go to jail for violations and, regardless of whether they agree with the law, good citizens do not violate laws, especially when it comes to laws intended to safeguard national security.

Moreover, export controls compliance for companies is a shared responsibility.  Compliance personnel need the assistance of personnel in human resources, engineering, business development, and sales to ensure that compliance tasks are completed and to make, gather, and keep records of commodity classification decisions, shipping, and other export related activities.

Perhaps all too often overlooked is how export compliance personnel are key to opening foreign markets and can even help eliminate competition.  An early export controls assessment will tell you what can be exported to a particular market, what paperwork is needed, and estimates on how long it will take to obtain any requisite approvals.  This information can provide a competitive advantage by focusing business development efforts on viable markets, positioning your company to obtain authorizations as soon as possible, and permitting the budgeting of time and costs for compliance up front.  It can also place your company in a position to eliminate market participation by non-compliant competitors by reporting them to government regulators.